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Kodi Databases

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1 ViewModes#.db

Kodi stores the selected view type for every path in every skin. This enables different view types for different parts of the library. This database contains the last set view and sorting method for each path while navigating Kodi.

The current stable release of Kodi is using the following version of the database:

Kodi v18 - ViewModes6.db

Warning: The databases are critical components of Kodi. We strongly urge that you do not interfere with them, unless you have knowledge and experience with database designs.

1.1 version

Database details

Column Name Data Type Description
idVersion integer Database version
iCompressCount integer

1.2 view

This table stores details on the saved view mode for all known paths.

Column Name Data Type Description
idView integer Primary Key
window integer Window GUI ID
path text Path to trigger the view on
viewMode integer View Mode
sortMethod integer ID of sort method
sortOrder integer Sort order (ascending or descending)
sortAttributes integer
skin text Skin settings apply to

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