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Kodi Databases

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The TV#.db database file contains the information for Live-TV channels.

The current stable release of Kodi is using the following version of the database:

Kodi v20 - TV40.db

Warning: The databases are critical components of Kodi. We strongly urge that you do not interfere with them, unless you have knowledge and experience with database designs.


Holds the information related to the Channel Groups

Column Name Data Type Description
idGroup integer Primary Key
blsRadio bool Is Radio Group- Y/N
iGroupType integer
sName varchar(64) Name of Channel Group
iLastWatched integer Last time Channel Group watched
blsHidden bool Hidden group? Y/N
iPosition integer
iLastOpened bigint unsigned Epoch time
iClientId integer [1]
bIsUserSetName bool [2]
sClientName varchar(64) [3]
iClientPosition integer [4]


Holds the information related to each TV Channel

Column Name Data Type Description
idChannel integer Primary Key
iUniqueId integer
bIsRadio bool Is Radio Channel- Y/N
bIsHidden bool Hidden Channel? Y/N
bIsUserSetIcon bool Has user set channel icon
bIsUerSetName bool Has user set channel name
bIsLocked bool Locked channel? Y/N
sIconPath varchar(255) Path to channel logo icon
sChannelName varchar(64) Friendly name of channel
bIsVirtual bool Virtual channel? Y/N
bEPGEnabled bool Receive EPG? Y/N
sEPGScraper varchar(32) Source of EPG data
iLastWatched integer Last time channel watched using Epoch Time
iClientId integer
idEPG integer
bHasArchive bool Set true if this channel supports archive
iClientProviderUid integer
bIsUserSetHidden bool
iLastWatchedGroupId integer Id of the group used to last watched [5]


Column Name Data Type Description
idClient integer
iPriority integer


Links Channels to Channel Groups

Column Name Data Type Description
idChannel integer Channel number from channels table
idGroup integer Group number from channelgroups table
iChannelNumber integer Channel number
iSubChannelNumber integer Sub-channel number
iOrder integer
iClientChannelNumber integer
iClientSubChannelNumber integer


Information of channel providers [6]

Column Name Data Type Description
idProvider integer
iUniqueId integer
iClientId integer
sName varchar(64)
iType integer
sIconPath varchar(255)
sCountries varchar(64)
sLanguages varchar(64)


Column Name Data Type Description
iClientIndex integer [7]
iParentClientIndex integer
iClientID integer
iTimerType integer
iState integer
sTitle varchar(255)
iClientChannelUid integer
sSeriesLink varchar(255)
sStartTime varchar(20)
bStartAnyTime bool
sEndTime varchar(20)
bEndAnyTime bool
sFirstDay varchar(20)
iWeekdays integer
iEpgUID integer
iMarginStart integer
iMarginEnd integer
sEpgSearchString varchar(255)
bFullTextEpgSearch bool
iPreventDuplicates integer
iPrority integer
iLifetime integer
iMaxRecordings integer
iRecordingGroup integer


Database details

Column Name Data Type Description
idVersion integer Database version
iCompressCount integer


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