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Kodi Databases

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The EPG#.db database file contains the listings for the Electronic Program Guide for Live-TV

The current stable release of Kodi is using the following version of the database:

Kodi v20 - Epg16.db

Warning: The databases are critical components of Kodi. We strongly urge that you do not interfere with them, unless you have knowledge and experience with database designs.


Lists the channel names and source of the EPG information

Column Name Data Type Description
idEpg integer Primary Key
sName varchar(64) Channel Name
sScraperName varchar(32) Source of Information


This table stores the downloaded EPG data

Column Name Data Type Description
idBroadcast integer Primary Key
idBroadcastUid integer
idEpg integer
sTitle varchar(128) Program Name
sPlotOutline text Short program description
sPlot text Long program description
sOriginalTitle varchar(128) Original program title
sCast varchar(255) Cast in program
sDirector varchar(255) Director of program
sWriter varchar(255) Writer of program
iYear integer Release year of program
sIMDBNumber varchar(50) IMDB title ID
sIconPath varchar(255) Path to channel icon
iStartTime integer Program start time in seconds from 1 January 1970
iEndTime integer Program end time in seconds from 1 January 1970
iGenreType Integer
iGenreSubType integer
sGenre varchar(128)
sFirstAired varchar(32) First time aired
iParentalRating Integer Parental rating
iStarRating Integer Star rating
iSeriesId Integer
iEpisodeId Integer
iEpisodePart Integer
sEpisodeName varchar(128)
iFlags Integer
sSeriesLink varchar(255)
sParentalRatingCode varchar(64)


This table holds information detailing EPG updates

Column Name Data Type Description
idEpg integer Primary Key
sLastScan varchar(20) yyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss of last EPG scan for new content


This table holds information for saved PVR guide (EPG) searches, which is a new feature added in v20. [1]

Column Name Data Type Description
idSearch integer Primary Key
sTitle varchar(255)
idLastExecutedDateTime varchar(20)
sSearchTerm varchar(255)
bSearchInDescription bool
iGenreType Integer
sStartDateTime varchar(20)
sEndDateTime varchar(20)
bIsCasaeSensitive bool
iMinimumDuration integer
iMaximumDuration integer
bIsRadio bool
iClientId integer
iChallenUid integer
bIncludeUnknownGenres bool
bRemoveDuplicates bool
bIgnoreFinishedBroadcasts bool
bIgnoreFutureBroadcasts bool
bFreeToAirOnly bool
bIgnorePresentTimers bool
bIgnorePresentRecordings bool
iChannelGroup Integer


Database details

Column Name Data Type Description
idVersion integer Database version
iCompressCount integer Number of times database has been compressed

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