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Do you need to contact someone from Team Kodi or the Kodi Foundation? Like the majority of very active and mature open-source software projects which rely heavily on the generosity of volunteers' time and talents, the Kodi project has established a unified point of contact for public-facing communications, so those with requests for information or who need support receive a timely response from someone with the knowledge and authority needed to satisfactorily address them. For the Kodi project, that point of contact is at the


All requests for communication should first be made on the forum, by starting a single new thread with a clear, concise title. You're asked to use your best judgment in selecting the most appropriate topical subforum in which to create it, but if you don't feel comfortable making that determination, it is always acceptable to place it in the General Support/OS-Independent subforum. As long as the title contains enough clear, descriptive information to recognize the kind of response that's needed and from whom, a moderator will relocate it to the correct subforum in short order. All attempts to contact Team Kodi or the Kodi Foundation should take place initially on the forum, save those that require a high degree of confidentiality or that pertain to serious legal actions.