Codename history

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Codename First released as version What does the name refer to?
Atlantis XBMC 8.10 The science fiction television series 'Stargate Atlantis'. [1]
Babylon XBMC 9.04 The space station in the cult classic science fiction television series 'Babylon 5'. This codename also references the mythical city of Babylon. [2]
Camelot XBMC 9.11 The mythical 'Camelot' from the King Arthur tales.
Dharma XBMC 10.0 The 'Dharma Initiative' in the television series 'Lost'.
Eden XBMC 11.0 The mythical 'Garden of Eden' from the Bible
Frodo XBMC 12.0 Erwin Beckers[3], one of the three founders.
Gotham XBMC 13.0 The main city from the 'Batman' franchise.
Helix Kodi 14.0 The science fiction television series 'Helix'
Isengard Kodi 15.0 The 'Iron fortress' from Tolkien's many stories about Middle-Earth.