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No software project the size and scope of Kodi has any hope of being successful without a bug tracker to keep things organized. Team Kodi has chosen GitHub to be able to show issues for outside developers. Currently almost no one follows what happens on trac.kodi.tv, and things tend to simply get buried over time. Though mainly a platform for developers, there are a few things that the inquisitive user might find interesting as well.

Submitting bug reports

What is the Github-Issue tracker?

The GitHub Tracker is an organizational tool for developers used to keep tabs on issues within the project. It provides a one stop shop for all current Kodi activity. Whether you're looking for the latest commit messages, keeping an eye on that pesky bug that's been bothering you in the latest release or just want to get an idea of what the team has planned for the future, GitHub is your spot.

What isn't the bug tracker?

The issue tracker is not a support channel. The tickets are business-only. There's no need for "me too" or "bump" comments. If you don't have some new technical information on the issue, feel free to CC yourself and keep an eye on it. Maybe you will later.
If you think you've found a bug, but aren't a software developer, please follow the guide for HOW-TO:Submit_a_bug_report. This is to cut down on superfluous tickets for issues that can be resolved by some of our friendly users, letting the team focus on confirmed problems.



The Commits lists all of the changes which made their way into the Kodi source code. They are separated by branch. So you are still able to follow what happens in the past and what will happen in the furture. All of you obsessive users won't be able to live without this one.

Browse Source

The source browser lets developers take a peek under the hood without digging out all of the usual tools. It's especially nice for viewing differences between changesets without fiddling in SCM. Not to mention quickly figure out who to blame for that bug you just fixed. ;)

Pull Requests

GitHub Pull requests are showing every suggestions, fixes, improvements, features etc. our contributors and developers are offering to Kodi to make the best out of the project. If you have an improvement or are able to fix some bug reported at the issues, please feel free to submit your own PR.

View Tickets

The ticket/issue browser gives you access to all actual tickets and issues, both open and closed. There are several predefined sort methods as well as a plethora of sort criteria to cook your own.

New Ticket

This one is pretty self explanatory. Make sure to provide as much detail about the issue as possible, fill out the submission fields accurately and follow the guide for submitting bugs.

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