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{{outdated|This page has some inaccuracies and requires rewriting.}}
<section begin="intro" />As with anything where you spend a lot of time setting it up, it's always a good idea to do periodic backups of your Kodi/XBMC settings and library. This is especially true if you are thinking of running a development build such as a [[nightly]], [[monthly]], or [[beta]]. There are various ways to backup Kodi's settings, the easiest simply being to make a copy of your [[userdata folder]], but this page will attempt to consolidate the different methods and explain them.<section end="intro" />
== What settings Kodi uses and where are they stored ==
{{main|Settings|userdata folder}}
Nearly all of Kodi's settings are stored in the [[userdata folder]]. Some files, such as add-ons that are not included by default, are stored in the parent folder to [[userdata]], the Kodi folder.
== Backup add-on ==
The community Backup add-on is a great way to backup all of your Kodi settings, add-ons, and other related files. It includes options such as automatic scheduled backups, backing up to cloud storage such as Dropbox, and configuring custom backup directories.
== Manual backup ==
{{editor note|This section needs to be expanded on, but in a nutshell: make a copy of your [[userdata folder]] and the parent "Kodi" folder.}}
== Backing up the video library ==
{{main|HOW-TO:Backup the library|Import-export library}}
{{#lst:HOW-TO:Backup the library|intro}}
== Watch status only ==
{{See also|Syncing and sharing}}
These add-ons can be used to backup or even sync your watched status for videos in your library:
* [[Add-on:WatchedList]] - local backup of watched items
* [[Add-on:Trakt]] - online backup of watched items
* [[Add-on:ShareThe.TV]] - online backup of watched items
* [[Add-on:MyEpisodes]] - online backup of watched items
* [[Add-on:TVShow Time]] - online backup of watched items
* [[Add-on:MyEpisodeCalendar]] - online backup of watched items
* [https://github.com/4lb3rtO/service.nfo.watchedstate.updater Watched state updater add-on] - Update your watchedstate in the nfo files as soon as this happens in the library
== Other backup methods ==
{{editor note|If anyone would like to fill these in with the basics, or at least link to some tutorial, that would be appreciated.}}
=== OpenELEC ===
=== ADBFire ===

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