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1 Hardware requirement

2 XBMCbuntu minimum and recommended hardware requirements

Minimum Required Hardware for XBMC
Intel Pentium 4 | Intel Pentium M AMD Athlon XP/64 AMD Opteron ATI/AMD Intel NVIDIA 1GB OpenGL 1.4
or newer
(2.0 recommended)
or External
8GB or larger
Very fast modern dual-core processor is required
to decode H.264 videos in FullHD (1080p)
ATI Radeon R700 (HD 5000)
supported and recommended
Intel GMA 950 (945G)
or newer supported
Intel GMA X4500HD (G45)
or newer recommended.
NVIDIA GeForce 6-Series
and newer supported
GeForce 8-Series
and newer recommended.

Note: ATI Radeon cards lower than HD5xxx are not supported with Ubuntu & variants 12.10 which is XBMCbuntu's base system due to changes in ATI's drivers. A workaround is to Install XBMCbuntu beta2 and upgrade XBMC using ppa or compile from source

  • x86 or x86_64 (Intel/AMD) processor computer capable of booting from CD-ROM/USB drive.
  • Optional is to install to a 8GB (or larger) USB-flash-drive or internal harddrive.

Note: If you like to install XBMCbuntu to USB and it still has U3 software on it (uninstall that first).

  • Larger than 8GB is if you have a lot of media as covers are cached on it.