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Take control of Kodi from your terminal
Developer Arn-O
OS Linux/OS X

PyKodi is a command line remote controller for the audio player of Kodi.


PyKodi is Python module to control the Kodi audio library. It can be used to create Python client for Kodi. The project is shipped with a cmd client, which is a wrapper for the module. This client allows you to control Kodi from a terminal.


The module supports many controls on the audio library:

  • Local library for super fast audio library navigation
  • Navigate through the audio library using string search, page and random selection
  • Albums, genres and songs are managed
  • Pause, unpause, stop and get details on what is currently played
  • Add album or a song to the audio playlist

Moreover, the module is able to generate smart playlists thanks to the echonest integration. Playing the music that you like is a no brainer.


Further reading

All installation instructions and usage are described on GitHub: