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New Methods

  • xbmc.Monitor.onCleanStarted
  • xbmc.Monitor.onCleanFinished
  • xbmc.Monitor.onDPMSActivated
  • xbmc.Monitor.onDPMSDeactivated
  • xbmc.Monitor.abortRequested
  • xbmc.Monitor.waitForAbort
  • xbmcgui.ListItem.setSubtitles

Deprecated Methods

  • xbmc.abortRequested, use Monitor.waitForAbort
  • xbmc.Monitor.onDatabaseScanStarted, renamed onScanStarted
  • xbmc.Monitor.onDatabaseUpdated, renamed onScanFinished



UpdateLibrary(database[,path, showdialogs]) New parameter showdialogs. Whether to show progress bar and other dialogs. Defaults to true.



Using RunScript to call service addons, plugins and other non-script addons is deprecated. Add xbmc.python.script or xbmc.python.library extension point if addon should be runnable via RunScript.

Changes to python path

All installed module addons are no longer added to the python path, only those imported in Addon.xml. If you use RunScript with a file path and depend on other installed module addons this behavior is deprecated. Add xbmc.python.script or xbmc.python.library extension point and call RunScript with the addon ID instead.


Changed Methods

  • ?

New Methods

  • ?

Window IDs

See Window IDs

Changes to the skinning engine