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not to be confused with music videos

Due to the nature of XBMC, there currently isn't an easy way in the interface to play a muted video and have a different music file play at on top of that. However, clever trick with XBMC's karaoke feature (thanks leechguy!) has given one possible way to do this to hold us over, as described on this page.

Why would I want to do this?
  • Christmas music while showing a video of a log fireplace
  • um.. that's the only one I can think of...

1 Steps

1.1 Prepare your advancedsettings.xml file

Create a plan text document called advancedsettings.xml and save it to your userdata folder. Copy and paste the following into your advancedsettings.xml file:

  <!-- Music-lyrics delay for CDG format lyrics in SECONDS. Floating number, may be negative. -->
  <!-- Music-lyrics delay for LRC format lyrics in 1/10 seconds. Floating number, may be negative. -->
  <!-- If set to true, when the songs are added to the library, XBMC will automatically replace the song genre by "Karaoke"
    if the song has associated lyrics. Default is false. -->
  <!-- If set to true, when the music-lyrics delay was modified while playing using subtitle delay buttons, the delay value
    for this song will be stored, and restored when the song is played next time. Default is true. -->
  <!-- When karaoke songs are added to the library during scans, an autoincrement number is automatically assigned
to each song, starting from the value specified below. Default starts from 1. -->
  <!-- If set to true (default), the background for CDG songs is always empty (plain color) no matter what setting is set in 
    defaultbackground below. When setting this to false, then one can see through the background and see the video or
  <!-- Sets default background mode. Type could be "none", "vis" for visualisation, "image" or "video".
    For image/video types the "path" parameter should specify the image or video file to play. -->
  <defaultbackground type="video" path="special://masterprofile/karaokevideobg.avi"/>
  <!-- If non-zero, specifies the time in seconds left before the end of the current song when a window will pop up informing you
    about the next played song. The window does not pop up if there is no next song, or it is not a karaoke song -->