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This is a list of developers who have specialties in various specific areas of Kodi. This allows other developers, both in and outside of Team Kodi, to find who to ask for advice or for approval of various ideas, pull requests, advice, and more. Please do not abuse this or use this for request features.

Component Dev(s) who can sign off on that area Retired/Inactive Devs
Android specific feature Koying, Davilla, Theuni
Audio playback (audio/video files) anssih, Fritsch, FernetMenta
BSD Specific feature Fneufneu
Blu-ray menu navigation or playback ace20022 Elupus
Build System Memphiz, Wsnipex, stefansaraev, Montellese Althekiller, Spiff
DVD-Video menu navigation and playback ace20022 Voyager, Elupus
Database / Library for Music Montellese, Evilhamster, Razee JMarshall, night199-uk
Database / Library for Videos (Movies and TV-Shows) Montellese JMarshall
Games garbear
Graphical User Interface (GUI) mkortstiege JMarshall,pieh
Karaoke oldnemesis
3D Da-Anda
General control input system koying, montellese , garbear, Jmashall, Jhsrennie , Spiff, Davilla
Linux Distribution (Operating-System) wsnipex ,lcapriotti
Linux specific features wsnipex spiff, topfs2, althekiller
Mac OS X specific feature Memphiz Davilla
PVR (Personal Video Recorder) Jalle19, ksooo, xhaggi, FernetMenta opdenkamp
Pictures Viewing / Slideshow Display ulion
Playlists (Audio or Video) Montellese
Python Code and/or Scripts jfcarroll, Tamland
VFS spiff, ulion,
Scraper (Music/Video Metadata collector) olympia, Mkortseige scudlee
Skin / Theme (Navigation, Look and Feel) ronie, BigNoid, Phil65, Hitcher, Piers jmarshall, jezz_x
Subtitles ace20022, voyager elupus
Thumbnails / Covers / Posters / FanArt mkortstiege jmarshall
Translation / Language files / Internationalization alanwww1 blittan
UPnP/DNLA Montellese Alcoheca, Elupus
Video playback (inc. audio in video and codecs) fernetmenta, koying, popcornmix, gimli elupus , abalier, davilla,
Weather forecasts ronie
Web Server / Web Interface / Web API / JSON-RPC Montellese, anaconda topfs2
Windows (Win32) Distribution / Installer Martijn WiSo
Windows specific feature Karlson2k, ace20022, afedchin WiSo
iOS Specific feature Memphiz
rpi popcornmix, gimli
addon system (installing/interface/handling) Tamland opdenkamp, Spiff, JMarshall
retroplayer garbear
General code reviewing (coding quality, unspecific) montellese, mkortstiege, Paxxi Althekiller, jm, elupus,
Settings system Montellese JJD-UK althekiller