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Need to add videos such as home movies or other videos that are not normally found by Kodi's scrapers? This page will show you a few solutions on adding custom videos, such as home movies, clips, special editions, and more.


To simply add videos to the library as movies without any special info you can install the JustUseTheFileName scraper:

NFO files

  • Add NFO files for each file. For step-by-steps look at the additional guides below.
  • Here's a basic/bare minimal example of an NFO file:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <title>Some title</title>
        <originaltitle>Some title just in case - you most likely dont need this either</originaltitle>
        <sorttitle>It will sort by this title if you include it</sorttitle>
  • If you like to use photo (aka artwork, poster); Save the desired .jpg file in the same folder as the movie and the NFO file. The jpg file should be named exactly the same as the video file to which it refers, except add "-poster" to the jpg filename, so for 'cartrip.mkv', the artwork file should be named 'cartrip-poster.jpg'. Kodi will import the jpg image automatically.
  • Kodi will only look at your NFO files ONCE. To refresh see: Updating_or_removing_videos

Filtering custom videos

See: Custom home items

Additional guides

See also