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|provider-name=amet, mr_blobby
|provider-name=amet, mr_blobby
|extension point=xbmc.python.subtitles
|extension point=xbmc.python.subtitles

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XBMC Subtitles

Author: amet, mr_blobby

Type: Subtitles

Source: Source code
Summary: XBMC Subtitles
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Attention talk.png Need help with this add-on? See here.

Search and download subtitles from multipe providers.Subtitle button on OSD needs to be activated and path set to XBMC Subtitles under System-> Skin-> Addon Scripts


XBMC Subtitles is activated by pressing the subtitle button on the OSD (on-screen display). To bring up the OSD press M while playing/pausing video in fullscreen mode (toggle with Tab ).

To be able to use the add-on you need to enable it at:

System -> Appearance -> Skin -> Settings -> Add-on Shortcuts -> Video OSD -> Subtitle Add-on

XBMC Subtitles can be set to automatically download (when pressing the subtitle button) the first synced subtitle if you enable Auto download first "sync" subtitle. Even though a synced subtitle is downloaded according to the add-on it's not always in sync. You can then either press the subtitle button again to manually select a different subtitle/provider or change the subtitle offset.

To bind the add-on to a key use RunScript(script.xbmc.subtitles) in the keyboard.xml file.

OSD subtitle button