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Author: Tristan Fischer ([email protected]) & tadi & skiller2k1
Website: link
Type: Program

License: GPL v2.0
Source: Source code
Summary: A Movie Quiz - Guess Movies by snapshots
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Solve snapshots to gain points for the Hall of Fame - powered by the website

Currently Main Features are:
- Login with your account
- Solve, favourite, bookmark and rate shots
- Zoom the snapshot
- Set random and navigation options
- Jump automatically to the next or random next shot


This add-on is installed from the Add-on browser located in Kodi as follows:

  1. Settings
  2. Add-ons
  3. Install from repository
  4. Program Add-ons
  5. WhatTheMovie
  6. Install

What is WhatTheMovie? is a movie quiz webpage where you may solve movie snapshots by guessing its movie titles.
This addon enables you to play this movie quiz with your friends and family on your TV in your living room - or wherever you installed XBMC ;-)


Wtm guess checking.jpg Wtm guess correct.jpg Wtm guess wrong.jpg

The game is very simple - just start the addon and you'll see a snapshot from a movie. If you think you recognize the movie, select the guess-button and type the title - if your answer is correct you will score one point* and the next random shot will be loaded automatically. You can guess as often as you like and need to solve it, but of course you can skip any shot by just jumping to the next one :-) account

Wtm settings page 1.jpg Wtm settings page 2.jpg

You don't need to create an account to play - some features however require that you are logged in:

  • Disabling the display of shots already solved
  • Persistant score
  • Rating shots
  • Bookmarking shots
  • Favourite shots

Some settings are only available with an account:

  • Random options (Difficulity, include/exclude "The Archive" and include/exclude already solved shots)
  • Navigation options (configure if you want the "next/previous shot" or "next/previous unsolved shot" with the navigation buttons)

Basic rules and hints

  • You don't have to type the full movie title in most cases. "Star Wars" e.g. does the job well for "Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back". Small typing errors will also be detected and ignored.
  • Point for the Hall of Fame are only gained by solving snapshots in the category "Feature Films".
  • If a shot is older than 30 days, its category will change from "Feature Films" to "The Archive" - you can still guess the title but you won't score points for the Hall of Fame. The solution to those shots can also be shown by selecting the "solve"-button (the bulb down right).
  • Recently uploaded shots are called "New Submissions" - these shots stay in this testing state for 48 hours - you gain "WTM Bucks" for rating those. After this period of time a shot will either join the "Feature Films" or become a "Rejected Shot". If you solve a shot from the "New Submissions" and it makes it to the Feature Films, you will be credited the points.


Wtm guess correct wrong.jpg Wtm main wo labels.jpg

  • You can zoom the shot by hovering or focusing the picture.
  • Above the shot you will see who submitted this nice shot, how often it has already been solved and who solved it first.
  • Under the picture you see the shot's id and release date. You can jump to a specific shot id via the jump button, the "#" down right.
  • In the middle up to five of the languages WTM knows the movie's title in are displayed (You can choose them in the addon settings).
  • In the first button row the four outer buttons are the navigation buttons (First, Previous, Next and Last).
  • The three middle ones are "Back" - this will jump to the last seen shot, "Guess"- the main button to type a guess, and of course the "Random"-button.
  • The two buttons down left are the "Favourite"- and "Bookmark"-buttons. You will make the uploader happy if you favourite their shots. Bookmarking is for just not forgetting this one :-)
  • Down to the right is the "show solution" button (active for shots from "The Archive") and the jump button.
  • Down center you can see the amount of votes, the rating bar and the overall-rating/your-rating label.


Wtm settings page 3.jpg

You can define your own hotkeys for most of the frequently used functions (default keys in brackets):

  • Guess (context key)
  • Random (play)
  • Back (rewind)
  • Next Shot (page down)
  • Previos Shot (page up)
  • Jump to given shot id (show info)
  • Bookmark this shot (home)
  • Favourite this shot (end)
  • You can rate the shot with the number keys, 1 => 1, ..., 9 => 9, 0 => 10 (higher is better)


Here a list of the main addon features:

  • Log in with your account
  • Solve, favourite, bookmark, and rate shots
  • Show the next, next unsolved, and next random shot
  • Instantly go back to the last shot shown
  • Zoom the snapshot
  • Rate with number keys: 1,2,3, ... 9, 0 (0=>10 points)
  • Set random and navigation options
  • Automatically jump to the next or random-next shot if your guess was right
  • Select five languages to see if WTM knows the movie title in this languages
  • Set hotkeys for the functions: guess, random, back, next, previous, jump, bookmark, favourite and solve
  • Costomize the look - you can configure the visibility of shot properties: posted by, solved, id, date, flags, tool and navigation buttons


Currently the addon is translated into English and German (updates and more languages are welcome)

Permission, support and donations

We have the permission to publish this addon and the WTM crew is indeed very happy with this addon :-)


If you like this addon please think about becoming a "WTM Supporter" (see here).

Of course you are also invited to help with improving the content of by rating shots and uploading new shots (please read the 5 golden rules of uploading first).

Donations to the XBMC project are also appreciated.


If you have any bug reports, feature requests or something similar: please use our issue page or this XBMC forum thread - think twice before bothering the support team.


Main programming of api and gui: sphere
Idea and design: skiller2k1
A bit of everything: tadi

Code is available on

External Links

Learn more about itself: (English) (German) (FAQ, English)


If you have any other questions, just ask us. We are happy to help!

See Forum Thread: