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Author: robwebset

Type: Program

License: GPL v2.0
Source: Source code
Summary: A TV like sleep timer
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Add improved sleep behaviour to your Kodi system, allowing the system to shut down after a certain amount of time.

1 Introduction

The Sleep addon provides support to automatically shutdown/suspend Kodi in a similar manner to the traditional TV Sleep Timers. If has many additional features and can be launch by any of the following methods:

  • From the "Programs" area of Kodi
  • As a screensaver
  • Via a remote control or keyboard button (Configurable which button)

2 The Sleep Dialog

Sleep Timer Dialog

The dialog to control the Sleep Addon is designed to be as simple as possible. When the dialog first opens it will show the sleep timer as disabled, the timer can be extended, by default in ten minute intervals (configurable in the settings), by performing either of the following actions:

  • Pressing the configured remote or keyboard button again (For each press it will extend the timer)
  • Selecting the "+10" button on the dialog

If the sleep timer is currently set if can be reduced or cancelled by selecting either the "-10" button or the cancel button.

The sleep timer will also allow you to have Kodi shutdown after a video finishes playing. If there is a video playing when the sleep timer is set, it will shutdown after it completes. If there is not currently a video playing it will shutdown after the next played video completes. (Note: The Sleep timer will only shutdown the system if the video completes playing, if the video is stopped manually, then sleep timer will not shutdown - this is by design).

3 Shutdown Warnings

When the Sleep timer is about to expire and shutdown the system it will again display the shutdown dialog with a progress bar showing how long it is until the shutdown will commence. While this dialog is displayed the timer can be:

  • Extended (In the same manner as it was originally set)
  • Cancelled (By selecting the cancel button)
  • Left to expire and shutdown Kodi.

In addition to the shutdown dialog, it is possible to configure the Sleep Addon to display a notification of how long is left before shutdown will be performed (for example 30, 20, 10 minutes left).