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Skin Shortcuts

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Author: BigNoid, marcelveldt, SiLVO, anxdpanic

Type: Add-on library/module
Repo: repo v21 repo v20 repo v19

License: GPL-2.0-only
Source: Source code
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Add-on for skins to provide simple managing and listing of user shortcuts (requires skin support)


Skin Shortcuts is a script used by skins to manage user shortcuts, including main menus, sub menus and custom widgets.


Feature set may vary depending on the integration method used by the skin, but includes

  • Unlimited menu items (*)
  • Create shortcuts to almost anything - library, add-ons, favourites, sources, UPnP and more
  • Rearrange, add and delete shortcuts as you want (*)
  • Override actions (*)
  • Create shortcuts directly to a node provided by an add-on
  • Create shortcuts to only show library content from a particular source
  • Choose backgrounds and widgets for each of your menu items (*)
  • Keep your customised menu if you switch to another skin using the script

(*) Requires skins with full menu management or specific feature integration

Documentation and Support for Skinners

The documentation for integrating Skin Shortcuts into a skin is included with the script. README.txt details basic integration and latest changes, with further documentation in the /Resources/ folder.

Discussions of development and integration happen in the thread linked at the top of the page.

Skins using Skin Shortcuts

Skins with Skin Shortcuts and Supported Features
Skin Status Supported Features Kodi Version
Main menu Submenu Custom widget Shared menus
Aeon Nox Repo Set Only Yes No No 13, 14
Black Glass Nova Repo Yes Yes Yes Yes 14,15
Conq Repo Yes Yes No Yes 13, 14
Nebula Repo Yes Yes Yes Yes 14,15
Persona WIP Yes Yes No Yes 13
reFocus Repo Yes Yes No Yes 13,14
reFred WIP Yes Yes Yes Yes 13
Gaze WIP Yes Yes No Yes 13
Titan Repo Yes Yes Yes Yes 13, 14, 15
Pellucid Repo Yes Yes No No 17, 18
Set: Allows shortcuts to be set from the Skin Shortcuts script, but menu management features are not available.
Shared Menus: Your custom menus are shared between skins.

Multiple Actions

It’s possible to override the action of any shortcut to run multiple actions instead. To do this you need to create an overrides.xml file in your profile directory. For example, to override a shortcut that updates the video library to clean it first, your overrides.xml would look something like:

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   <override action="UpdateLibrary(video)">

Note: This is only available for menu’s which are managed by Skin Shortcuts.

Getting Help

If you are having difficulty using Skin Shortcuts, your first port of call should be the forum or the thread of the skin you are using. People there can normally offer hints and tips in using the script, and can direct you where to go for more help if needed.

If you are getting a script error, then you should seek help in the development thread for the script, linked at the top of the page. Remember to include a debug log.