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Author: Tristan Fischer, enen92
Website: link
Type: Music/Audio
Repo: repo v19 repo v18 repo v17

License: GPL-2.0-only
Source: Source code
Summary: Access >30000 radio broadcasts
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Music plugin to access over 30000 international radio broadcasts from,,, and
Currently features
- English, german, french translated
- Browse stations by location, genre, topic, country, city and language
- Search for stations
- 115 genres, 59 topics, 94 countrys, 1010 citys, 63 languages

1 Installing

To install this add-on you must do so from the Add-on manager from within Kodi by going to

  1. The home screen
  2. Add-ons
  3. Download
  4. Music Add-ons
  5. Radio
  6. Install

2 General Info

It is a music plugin to provide quick access to more than 4000 international radio broadcasts (powered by the websites (English), (German) and (French)). Please note that there also official broadcasters present, not just "only internet radio stations".

You can browse the stations via 115 genres, 59 topics, 94 countries, 1010 cities or 63 languages (all translated to English, German and French).

3 Features

  • Editorials Recommendations
  • Top 100 Stations
  • Browse by genre
  • Browse by topic
  • Browse by country
  • Browse by city
  • Browse by language
  • Local Stations
  • Search for Station
  • My Stations

4 My Stations

You can add every Station to the list of your favorites by using the context-menu (c on keyboard) and choosing "Add to My Stations". All stations on your My Stations-List are directly accessible via the root entry "My Stations" of the plugin.

5 Code

If you are interested in the Code or want to contribute (translations are always welcome) please have a look to its github page:

6 Changelog

2.1.3 (26.12.2012)
    - better station logos
    - fix unicode error
    - change to xbmcswift 1.3.0

2.0.2 (16.12.2012)
    - fix no genre available (resulted in script error)

2.0.1 (03.11.2012)
    - added migration code to convert old my_stations to new system
    - fixed unicode in custom station title
    - Added spanish translation (thx to Patrizia)
    - Added french translation (thx to stombi)

2.0.0 (unreleased)
    - Code Rewrite
    - Possibility to add custom (user defined) Stations
    - Thumbnail View (You can disable in the add-on settings)
    - Change to the xbmcswift2 framework
    - New Icon
    - Possibilty to add Stations to the XBMC Favorites

1.1.1 (Unreleased)
    - Added spanish translation (thx to Patrizia)

1.1.0 (13.07.2012)
    - New My Station logic (listing should be much faster after initial migration)
    - Small fixes

1.0.7 (unreleased)
    - Fixed: error in language_guessing
    - Fixed: routes (fix xbmcswift-xbox usecase)

1.0.6 (05.03.2012)
    - Fixed: error if a station was added to the list of mystations but has become unavailable
    - Improved error catching
    - Improved: Show bitrate in "kbit/s", not "B"

1.0.5 (26.02.2012)
    - Fixed .m3u playlists with empty lines (thx to Malte_Schroeder)

1.0.4 (18.02.2012)
    - Fixed python <2.5 error
    - Added french translation (thx to stombi)

1.0.3 (07.02.2012)
    - added workaround for streams with .m3u and .pls files
    - changed: show full context menu

1.0.2 (29.01.2012)
    - Fix error with UTF-8 characters in search string

1.0.1 (13.01.2012)
    - Initial Release

7 Getting help

If you have found a bug or have ideas how to improve it, just reply to its thread: