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Author: Aegidius

Type: skin

License: GNU General Public License version 2
Source: Source code
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Mousetuary is a Kodi skin, derived from the Kodi default skin "Estuary"
The aim of Mousetuary is to make a Kodi skin that is a bit more mouse-friendly, for those who prefer to control a 10-foot HTPC interface with just a mouse. It also aims to take UI cues from Windows Media Center.

- back button at top right on all screens, and to close up the sidebar menu (no reliance on ESC key)
- Windows-style min/max/exit buttons on all screens
- WMC-style timeshift buffer visualised in the video OSD
- a better (IMHO) touch mode
- a few other little usability things

There are working krypton and leia branches, but as of the release of Leia, any new development will only be done on the leia branch.

1 Skin features compatibility

2 Settings

See: Estuary Skin Settings

3 Media flags

4 Screenshots