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Author: divingmule, MassIV
Website: link
Type: Program

License: GPL v2.0
Source: Source code
Summary: An IRC Client
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This add-on is a basic IRC client for Kodi mediacenter.
      Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a protocol for live interactive
      Internet text messaging (chat) or synchronous conferencing.
      It is mainly designed for group communication in discussion forums, called channels.


This add-on is installed from the Add-on browser located in Kodi as follows:

  1. Settings
  2. Add-ons
  3. Install from repository
  4. Program Add-ons
  5. IrcChat
  6. Install


Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a protocol for live interactive Internet text messaging (chat) or synchronous conferencing.

Internet Relay Chat Wiki

Many web chat's on the internet use an IRC server behind the scenes. It's well established and usable on all operating systems. And for instance XBMC, has it's own IRC channel on Freenode. Much like the forum, a place to talk or ask a question. Now lets have a look at that channel as example. The host looks like this Kind of like a web address. And you could in fact connect to the channel with a browser like so:

XBMC via webchat

That's nice. But why a chat in a media center? Well, many live video streaming websites have a chat next to the stream. And watching these streams on our mediacenter without them sometimes felt like listening to half a conversation. So that is how the first version of the chat came to be. It was just read only, but then it started to grow.

Popular servers

  • #xbmc
  • #channel_name
  • #twitlive
  • #channel_name
  • OR #channel_name

How To

After installing the addon.

  • Go into the addon settings.

Program Add-Ons -> IrcChat -> Context -> Add-On Settings

  • Here you can input your initial login information, host and channel.
  • Next, start a steam or playlist.
  • Go to programs and start the IrcChat addon (use TAB toswitch to fullscreen video).
  • It is also possible to map a key to starting the script. As an easy way to start during playback, switch hosts or usernames.
<F1>RunScript(script.ircchat, run_irc=True&nickname=MyNick&username=name&password=pass123&</F1>
  • There is a button in the top < to slide out either a list of channels or a list of users. Depending on whether you are in a channel or not.
  • A button to change colors c that gives you a 'spin control'.
  • The chat's keyboard input also allows you to input a channel name to connect to IF you are not in a channel. You do not need to enter the # in front of the channel name.
  • Selecting your own name in the list of users allows you options like changing your name IF this is supported by the host you are on.

Login Token

As of Sept. 17, 2013, Twitch now requires that you log into IRC using an OAuth token instead of your plaintext password or hash for additional security. To generate a token, visit:


Add-on integration

If you wish to integrate the chat with your video streaming add-on. Host, nickname, and username are required, the other parameters are optional.

  <category label="Chat">
    <setting id="run_chat" type="bool" label="Run IrcChat" default="false" />
    <setting id="nickname" type="text" label=" Username" default="" visible="eq(-1,true)" />
    <setting id="password" type="text" label=" Password" default="" option="hidden" visible="eq(-2,true)" />

Then pass the host, channel and user parameters of your website to the chat.

#if stream started:
    if addon.getSetting('run_chat') == 'true':
            "RunScript(script.ircchat, run_irc=True&nickname=%s&username=%s&password=%s&host=%s&channel=%s)"
            %(addon.getSetting('nickname'), addon.getSetting('nickname'),
              addon.getSetting('password'), name+'', name)

Skin integration

To simply overwrite one or two images (for example the loading .png). Add a folder to your skin media folder called "IrcChat". And place your own loading image in there with the same name as it has in the IrcChat add-on. In this case "ChatBusy.png".

To completely adjust all aspects of the chat layout. Place an xml file with the name "script-IrcChat-main.xml" in your skin's 720p folder. Or start by taking a copy of the one from the add-on. Note: Doing so requires all images to be in your skin, it will no longer look in the add-on folder.