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==Accessing The System Settings Menu==
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File:Estuary home settings icon.png|To access the System Settings menu, where you can access individual settings, select the System Settings icon (gear) at the top of the Menu on the Home screen.

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Home icon grey.png   ▶ Settings ▶ Add-on:Estuary/Settings

Skin settings for the default Kodi skin (for v17 (Krypton and above), Estuary.

1 Accessing The System Settings Menu

2 Accessing Skin Settings

The System Settings menu is where you can access and change specific Kodi settings, access System information and Kodi's built in File Manager. To access Estuary's settings, select System → Skin Settings.

3 General Skin Settings

Estuary skin settings general.png

3.1 Use slide animations

Changes the animation used when navigating screens. If enable, the items on the screen will slide in & out. If disable, item on screen will fade in & out.

3.2 Enable auto scrolling for plot & review

When enabled, plots & reviews that do not fit within the defined area will auto scroll on the screen so that the entire plot/review can be read. When disabled, only the first part of the plot or review that fits within the defined area will be shown.

3.3 Touch mode

For touch screens. If enabled, this will allow for better control using touch screen devices and will also add additional control buttons. If not using a touch screen this should remain disabled (default).

3.4 Show weather info in top bar

When enabled, this will show the weather information on the top on every menu screen. This requires a Weather Service Information provider add-on to be installed.

3.5 Show media flags

When enabled, will show media flags where applicable.

4 Main Menu Items Settings

Estuary skin settings items.png

This menu item allows for enabling or disabling menu items that are shown on the Home screen. The items on this screen which can be enabled or disabled are:

Movies ♦ TV shows ♦ Music ♦ Music videos ♦ TV ♦ Radio ♦ Add-ons ♦ Pictures ♦ Videos ♦ Favorites ♦ Weather

This option is useful to remove menu items that are not in use.

Estuary install library node editor.png

You can also use Edit categories for Movies, TV shows & Music. This will allow you to edit categories for each of these items such as Genre, Title, Year, etc., add new Rules, add new Nodes or add new Parent nodes.

When you select Edit categories you will be asked to install the Library node editor. This is required if you wish to preform any of the actions above.

See: Library Node Editor

5 Artwork Settings

Estuary skin settings artwork.png

5.1 Show Media Fanart As Background

When enabled, the select medias fanart will be displayed in the background of all menu screens. When disabled, only the default background will be displayed.

5.2 Choose Background Pattern

Allows for cycling though different default backgrounds.

5.3 Choose Skin Fanart Pack

Allows you to use or download a new set of background fanart packs. When installed and used, the art from the select pack will be used as the default background for menu items on the Home screen. This does not override Show media fanart as background and the media fanart will still display when hovered over.

5.4 Choose Weather Fanart Pack

Allows you to use or download a new set of fanart packs to be used with weather.

5.5 Select Genre Fanart Pack

Allows you to use or download a new set of fanart packs to be used with Genres.

Note: In order to use or download Fanart Packs you must install the Image Resource Select Add-on. If you choose any of the Pack options above you will be asked if you want to download and install it at that time.

See: Image Resource Select Add-on