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Advanced Wake On Lan

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Author: mandark

Type: Program

Summary: Wake up a sleeping device (e.g. NAS, Server, etc.) using Wake-On-Lan
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Sends a WOL magic packet to a remote device using its ethernet MAC address and displays a notification if and when the device is available.

The Addon can be launched manually from the Programs-section of XBMC (and thus added to your favourites, etc.), and can also be configured in the addon-settings to autostart with XBMC, thus waking up your remote device when XBMC starts.
There is also a setting that will also send a wake-up signal, if XBMC comes out from standby/sleep/suspend.

When autostarted with XBMC you can also set the addon to update the video- and/or music-libraries automatically after a successful wake-up.
You can also set up a delay for the library scans. This is needed, if the filesystem needs some further time to get ready after a successful wake-up.

Additionally another command (e.g. activate a specific window) can be handed to the script as a parameter. It then launches that command either immediately or not until the remote device is available. Behaviour can be set by a second parameter:
  - False: launch immediately (default)
  - True: wait for remote device

As an example, you could add the following entry to your favourites.xml:
This would attempt to wake the remote device configured in the "Advanced Wake On Lan"-Settings, wait until it is awake, and only then launch the XBMC-Video-Library.

This feature is especially useful, if you want to launch your remote device, when entering a specific menu-item in XBMC.

You can also pass the Host/IP and MAC-Address of the rmote device to the script as the third parameter, bypassing the config in the addon-settings. E.g.:

This is useful, if you have more then one remote device you want to wake independently.

In the advanced settings you can also set the addon to continue sending WOL packets with a configurable delay.
This is useful, when the remote device or NAS is kept awake, as long as WOL-packets are received.
Normally the continuous WOL-packets will also continue after XBMC has returned from standby/sleep/suspend, but there is an option to turn this behaviour off.

If for any reason the check of a successful wake-up via ping is not possible or fails on your system, please note the following:
  - XBMC must be run as Administrator on Windows / with root rights on Linux for ping-based host-up checks to work.
  - If this is not possible or it still fails, you can disable ping-based host-up checks in the advanced addon-settings.
    This allows you to set a fixed timespan, after which the addon just assumes, that the remote host is awake (to display success-notifies, launch other commands, etc.).


This add-on is installed from the Add-on browser located in Kodi as follows:

  1. Settings
  2. Add-ons
  3. Install from repository
  4. Program Add-ons
  5. Advanced Wake On Lan
  6. Install