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Author: robwebset

Type: Services

License: GPL v3.0
Source: Source code
Summary: Synchronise Addon Settings Between Different Installations
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Keep all Addon settings in sync across all of your installations

1 Introduction

You can install this addon from: Repository:robwebset

The AddonSync service allows you to set one of your Kodi installations as the "Master" and have all the other installations be Slaves. Then you can have the master installation upload to a network share, and the slave installation download them.

2 Setup

AddonSync works on a "Master" and "Slave" approach. There can be only a single Master installation, and any number of slave installations. First set up the Master installation, this will backup all of your addon settings to a shared location.

Once you have your Master installation backing up it's settings to a shared location you can configure any number of other installations to act as slaves and update their own settings from the master copy.

3 Settings

3.1 AddonSync

Installation Type
If this Kodi installation should work as the Master or Slave
Central Store Location
The location where AddonSync should store the addons data it needs to synchronise
Run On Startup
If AddonSync should backup/restore when Kodi first starts up
Update Interval (Minutes)
How often AddonSync should check to see if any settings have changed
Restart Updated Service Addons
If running as a slave and a service addon is updated, restart it to pick up the changes
Enable debug logging
Enables AddonSync debug logging (Required if reporting a problem) - for this to work, system-wide Kodi logging must also be enabled
Run Synchronisation Now
Manually run the synchronise operation

3.2 Filter

Addon Synchronise Selection
Allows either All addons to be synchronise, or to include/exclude a set of addons
Select Addons
If not all addons are being synchronised, then selectes those that are included/excluded

4 Debugging

If reporting a problem, please also provide a debug log. To do this you need to enable BOTH:

  • Kodi logging from the main setting menu
  • AddonSync debug from the AddonSync addon settings menu

Please do not paste the log into the forum thread, just link to it.

5 Donations

If you have found the AddonSync Addon useful and would like to help support future development and bug fixes, then please feel free to make a small donation.

Please use the link on the top of the AddonSync Forum