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Starting in v13, XBMC supports a number of passive 3D movie formats encoded in SBS, TAB, anaglyph or interlaced.

1 Interface and menus

Starting in XBMC v13 "Gotham", XBMC has 3D UI support

Over-under 3D.png

2 3D detection

XBMC has three ways to detect whether a videofile is a 3D video. these methods are checked in the following order:

2.1 Embedded streaminfo

First, XBMC tries to detect the stereoscopic mode for a video when extracting streamdetails from the videofile.

One of the supported fields is the 'Stereomode' field in the Matroska specification: http://matroska.org/technical/specs/index.html#StereoMode

2.2 Manual selection

When playing a video, you can bring up the video settings dialog to manually select the stereoscopic mode.

If you've done this before, XBMC will remember this setting and use it as the second method to detect the stereoscopic mode of a videofile.

2.3 Video filenames

The third and final method is detection through the filename of the video.

XBMC uses regular expressions to check for certain tags in the filename.

In order to properly detect the stereomode, two tags need to be present in the filename. First, a '3D' tag must be present that matches the following regex: [-. _]3d[-. _]

In addition to this, either a 'SBS' tag [-. _]h?sbs[-. _] or a 'TAB' tag [-. _]h?tab[-. _] must be present in the filename.

You can customize these regular expressions through the Advancedsettings.xml file.

Regex matching is done case-insensitive, so for example either .3d. and .3D. will work.

Please note, tags need be be surrounded be either a space ( ), hyphen (-), dot (.) or underscore (_).

See below table for some examples:

3D Stereoscopic side-by-side Stereoscopic tab




Filename examples
  • moviename (year).3d.hsbs.mkv
  • moviename 3d sbs.mkv
  • moviename.3D-HTAB.mkv
  • moviename-3D.sbs-720p.mkv

3 Platform specific info

3.1 General

  • Hardware acceleration is not provided for full SBS or full TAB movies, meaning users will need playback hardware with adequate CPU power.
  • XBMC's "window mode" in Settings -> System -> Video output must use normal "Full screen" and not "Full screen window".

3.2 Windows

  • 3D Stereoscopic Support in video driver must be turned off