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This page or section has not been updated in a long time, no longer applies, refers to features that have been replaced/removed, and/or may not be reliable.

This page is only kept for historical reasons, or in case someone wants to try updating it.

Team XBMC Translator can be used to easily translate each strings contained in the english language file to other languages.
Note: You need a XBMC version greater or equal than the 06/20/2006 to use the generated language files within XBMC.
Follow this guide to get it working on Linux

1 Features

  • create new translations
  • keep track of untranslated strings
  • keep track of changed strings
  • search function to find strings easily
  • edit language specific settings, like codepages and date/time format
  • the language file is saved with utf-8 encoding

2 Installation

Just run the setup program. While running setup, you are asked to enter your name and your email adress.
These are optional, but it would be nice if you can provide them to know where the language file comes from (for credits).

3 Using Team XBMC Translator

3.1 First Start

When you first start the application, you have to set the folder where your language files are located. (Use File/Set language folder... )
The folder you have to choose must contain at least the english language folder. It can also contain the folder of the language to be translated, if it already exists. In short, you can use the folder [xbmcroot]\language of your downloaded XBMC.

3.2 Importing existing language files

It may be possible that you will get an error message when importing existing files. It is important that characters like "&" are replaced with &. You may also get a message that a string has a duplicate ID. You have to fix all of those errors in your file before you can use the language file.

3.3 Using the translator for other languages

Since there is a cache function in XBMC Translator, you cannot just open up another set of language files. First you need to delete the cache directory hidden in your Application Data. I have created a simple batchfile to use as a starter for the translator tool.

Copy this and create a new .bat file in the same directory as XBMC Translator, then use the .bat to start XBMC Translator. (This should work on Windows XP, Vista and 7)

1 @echo off
2 if EXIST "%AppData%\Team XBMC\Translator\" (
3 RD /Q /S "%AppData%\Team XBMC\Translator\"
4 )
5 if EXIST "%AppData%\..\Local\Team XBMC\Translator\" (
6 RD /Q /S "%AppData%\..\Local\Team XBMC\Translator\"
7 )
8 start %~dps0translator.exe

4 Download

Here you can download the latest Team XBMC Translator program: Team XBMC Translator

5 Upload your language file

After you have translated your language file you can upload your file as a patch to our Trac so that it can be included in future versions of XBMC.