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Kodi releases are brought to a stable point where most users should not have issues. However, due to Kodi's large, complex, and multi-platform nature, it is nearly impossible to release a totally bug-free version. As such, these are some of the more common issues that are known about in Kodi.

Note: This is not an exhaustive list of bugs/issues, but a simple summary of the more common issues that users might be facing. The purpose of this page is to let users know that Team Kodi is aware of these issues and (in most cases) is working on fixing them.

For a more complete list of possible bugs/issues see the Kodi Trac bug tracker. For reporting bugs see HOW-TO:Submit a bug report.


1 General

  • v15 - there seems to be odd behavior like up/down both turns volume down, and left/right turns volume up. No current work around, but people are looking into this.
  • v15 - Clearing the in-progress mark/status of a video by toggling watched/unwatched is broken again. A temp work around is to resume the video from the beginning and stop it again to clear the in-progress mark.
  • v15 - HDHomeRun network tuners can't connect to Kodi over UPnP due to a URL error. HTTP URLs can be used as a work around. See here and here for more info.
  • v15 - Seeking in a video while the chapters/bookmark window is open can lead to a hang, requiring Kodi to be force quit/restarted.
  • v15 - Fast forwarding and rewinding is messed up. Depending on your platform, it may or may not be an issue, but there is a general problem with FF/RW not being accurate (speed wise) and visually jumping erratically. This should be fixed for the upcoming v15.1 bugfix release, and can be tested here.
  • v15 - For some users audio will take a moment (normally less than a second, but sometimes more) to resume when video is unpaused.
  • When using UPnP library sharing between Kodi instances:
    • The watched/resume status for TV shows/episodes doesn't update on the "client" Kodi instance until Kodi is restarted.
    • If you have a TV show that has watched episodes and unwatched episodes, the entire TV show will be hidden if "hide watched" is turned on.
  • Mplayer style EDLs (.edl) don't work well when stepping back or forward in v13. [1]
Non-Kodi issues
  • AirPlay Mirroring and any AirPlay function that involves DRM is not supported

2 Android

  • v15 - Android devices with Amlogic processors might have issues for various reasons (not all completely related). Please see Android FAQ#no video for details and workarounds.
  • Some Sony tablets and/or phone touch screens don't function in Kodi. (We think it's Sony's fault. Some kind of non-standard touch screen driver nonsense.)
  • The CTRL modifier for keymaps currently doesn't work. Other modifier keys do still work.
  • Initial Android support is targeted at inexpensive Android powered set-top boxes. As such, support for mobile devices is still being developed, but will improve with time.

3 Linux general

  • v15 - On some GPUs there are strange graphical errors on the on-screen-display controls (on screen buttons for playback, stop, ff/rw, subtitles, etc). A temp workaround might be to go into Kodi's video settings and for vsync select "let driver decide".
  • Ubuntu might "steal" media keys (play, fastforward, rewind, volume, etc) before Kodi receives them. A temp work around is to un-set these keys in Ubuntu's keyboard shortcut settings.

3.1 Kodibuntu specific

4 Mac OS X/iOS

  • Gapless playback for music isn't working.
Non-Kodi issues
  • Apple does not provide support for HD-audio passthrough in their audio API, CoreAudio.

4.1 Mac specific

  • v15 - There seems to be a strange bug when "unnamed" USB drives are connected and Kodi v15.0 tries to access them, causing Kodi to crash. A fix has been found for the upcoming v15.1 bugfix release and can be tested here.
  • Controller support seems to be missing since v14.
  • There seem to be some audio sync issues when refresh rate is changed to 24hz.
  • No retina support yet.
  • Some tools/applications which adjust screen brightness may lead to low framerates (5fps framerate limiting) in Kodi. The most common ones should be exempt from this and not cause any issue, but there may be others. Please report any tools/applications that still have this issue to the Kodi support forums so that we can add them to the exempt list. (basically all tools which use a transparent fullscreen overlay)

4.2 iOS specific

  • v15 There's an issue that is preventing Kodi v15 from running on jailbroken iOS 5.x devices. A fix has been submitted for Kodi v15.1 and can be tested with the v15.1 pre-release build:
  • Retina support for iPad is currently GUI only. Video resolution currently maxes out at 1024 x 768. Retina is fully supported for iPhones and iPod touches.

5 Raspberry Pi

  • None currently with Kodi v15.0 Isengard

6 Windows

  • AirPlay videos recorded with iPhones/iPads might not rotate correctly when using hardware video decoding [2]
  • Windows screensaver and power saving mode kicks in when Kodi is not focused (independent of whether Kodi is playing a video or not)
  • Webserver (also used for smartphone/tablet remotes) seems to be causing crashes. Fixed in v14.2

7 Notes

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