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1 Official XBMC sites

2 Indirectly XBMC related projects

Open source projects that XBMC depends on (if you help/support or contribute these projects then you indirectly help/support XBMC):

  • FFmpeg - XBMC uses FFmpeg codec suite to decode and view DivX, JPG, etc.
  • libdvdnav - XBMC uses libdvdnav from this project to display/navigate DVD-Video menus
  • libCDIO - XBMC uses this library to read ISO 9660, CDDA and parse CD/DVD images
  • libmpeg2 - XBMC uses the libmpeg2 codec library to decode MPEG 1/2 & VOB
  • libvorbis - XBMC uses the libvorbis codec library to decode OGG audio
  • libmad - XBMC uses the libmad codec library to decode MP3 audio
  • libdca (formaly libdts) - XBMC used the libdca codec library to decode DTS audio in software
  • xiph - XBMC uses the xpih codec library to decode Theora Video (VP3)
  • MikMod - XBMC uses this library from this project to playback Tracker Mod's
  • LZO - XBMC uses the LZO library to compress/decompress XBMC skin textures
  • FiBidi - XBMC uses FriBidi Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm library to flip sibtitles
  • Python - XBMC has a limited ported version of the Python framework for scripts

3 Old Xbox stuff

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