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1 Main page

Think of the main page and each of these buttons as "portals". They lead to a page about their subject, so various things can be found under multiple buttons/paths in some cases. It's all about making info easy to find.

1.1 General topics

Think "broad topics" + quick access to common topics.

  • First time user: This is basically whatever our improved quick start guide will be. I don't think we can really do a one-page guide for all of XBMC, but I think it could be broken down into various "first time user" topics/how-tos. Various how-to topics will be "first time friendly", so they can be under both the First time user portal and the Videos portal, for example.
  • Installing: could easily just be under First time user, but it's another one of those "quick access" points. This is just a portal/index page of all the other install pages, with descriptions so that people find the correct install how-to
  • Videos: This would likely break down into additional sub-portals about video topics, since there are so many.
  • Live TV: Obviously the big part of this is PVR, but there's some other Live TV-related topics that can be touched on here. For example, see the list of topics at Live TV.
  • Music/Audio: you get the idea here.
  • Pictures: There isn't much to pictures as far as complexity/info, so it might seem a bit odd to have it on the same level as Videos and Music, but this is the most logical place to look for a button for Pictures.
  • Add-ons: Everything add-ons. How to install them, how to roll them back, what they are, links to the various bot-generated add-on pages, which also have forum-links for most of them now. Stuff like that. Also an alternative lead-in to add-on dev pages.
  • Skins: A listing of all skins in the repo, the skin comparison table (which needs tweaking), how to install a skin, etc. Some skin add-on pages also have help/settings info. also an alternative lead-in to dev pages
  • Settings: Describing all the settings, as well as showing where various settings are for the ones that aren't under the main "Settings" button of XBMC (video settings, for example).
  • FAQs: FAQs
  • Advanced topics: A separate portal for advanced topics, as to not clutter up the main page.

1.2 Devices

This is just another path for various topics. In some cases we have a device-specific version of a how-to, and this is another way to find those as well. It's also another way to pimp out the excellent Supplemental tools the community has made.

1.3 Extras

Things that aren't quite General topics, but that might not always be Advanced topics (though some might be).

  • Tips and hints: A portal to how-to's, but not just all how-tos. The focus here will be on special how-tos that users have created (say, how to set up a specific HTPC with a specific purpose), as well as a way to promote lesser known features. I really want to emphasize that last bit, promoting lesser known features, because there's a lot that XBMC can do that many users have never discovered, and this can be a wonderful showcase for those features.
  • Remote controls: This is a big topic in its own right (it could be considered a part of "General topics"), and will have it's own portal to remote control related how-tos, the list of known remotes, customizing, what's available, and obviously mention our official smartphone remote apps.
  • XBMC Utilities: Expanding on the supplemental tools pages.
  • Connecting multiple XBMCs: While you might expect this to be mainly about the MySQL guide, it's actually a sneak attack to push UPnP and related methods. MySQL will still be mentioned, as this is a logical place to find that guide.
  • Social features: This is fluff, but it's fluff that a lot of users seem to be looking for. There's a few add-ons and things that are social-media related that can be put here, and as much as I hate to admit it, I think it will be a very useful main page button/portal.
  • Multiple users: Not just about Profiles (but a major focus on them), this can also include info about setting up XBMC with custom home items so that Bob's anime collection isn't cluttering up the main TV shows node, etc.
  • Parental controls: Could be thrown in with Multiple users. It's kind of another fluff button like Social features, in that there's not much to the topic, but I have a feeling that tons of people are looking for these topics. Talks about Profiles, master lock, passwords on file shares, and various other methods that users have come up with.

1.4 Development

Haven't given this much thought yet.

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