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Wide view for TV shows

Some of the most visually appealing forms of thumbnails are wide banner icons. They are an integral part of the Kodi look and feel and are used for the TV shows library.
With different adjustments to the skin XML files, you may disable title names or stack one icon on top of another.
To show wide banner icons switch to Wide or 'Media info 2' view. Kodi will remember what view you have for each folder. Thus you can keep your TV shows in Wide and your Movies in Fanart.


1 Sources for wide banner icons

  • TheTVDB.com is the ultimate site in finding and sharing wide banner icons for TV shows. It includes hundreds of wide banner icons for almost every TV show produced, and you can upload banners that you've made.

2 How to make you own wide banner icons

If you would like to make them on your own then work with a 758 x 140 template.

  • Banners must use 758 x 140 pixel size resolution.
  • Banners must be JPG (not BMP, GIF or PNG).
  • Template can be downloaded from TheTVDB.com (contains centering lines for proper text placement).

2.1 Graphical series banners

Graphical banners are defined as having a graphical/logo version of the series name.

Banner Battlestar Galactica Graphic.jpg

2.2 Text series banners

Text banners generally use Arial Bold font, 27pt as the text.

Banner Battlestar Galactica Text.jpg

2.3 Blank series banners

The main requirement for blank banners is they should be blank on the left side of the banner as that is where the auto-generated text will be placed.

Banner Battlestar Galactica Blank.jpg

2.4 Season series banners

Try to make the season design obvious enough to read without being gaudy. As with the series banners, images can be either text or graphical.

Banner Angel Season.jpg

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