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This section covers Kodi's various settings and where to find them.


1 Settings levels

Settings levels.jpg

There are four tiered settings levels where each level unlocks more settings, the levels are:

  • Basic
  • Standard (Default)
  • Advanced
  • Expert

The "Settings level" can be changed using the button in the bottom left which shows the currently selected level.

2 Settings

Select the Kodi version you are using from the options below to see the Settings options available.

3 Advanced settings

The advancedsettings.xml file, which does not exist by default, can be created by a user in their userdata folder.

This file is used for advanced settings and options that do not have GUI controls inside of Kodi. Some settings are experimental or very rarely set, so they can only be used via the advancedsettings.xml file. The file is simply a plain text file and can be edited by various text editors, so long as the name is "advancedsettings.xml". These advanced settings can be used to tweak various things such as episode naming patterns, special network ports, special behaviors, and more.

4 Resetting Kodi settings to default

Delete your userdata folder and the parent "Kodi" folder (sometimes named ".Kodi") to remove all Kodi settings and library databases. Deleting some individual files/folders in the userdata folder will also selectively reset those files to a default state.

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