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1 ID3 tags

Template ID3 Tag or Function
 %N TrackNumber
 %S DiscNumber
 %A Artist
 %T Title
 %B Album
 %G Genre
 %Y Year
 %F FileName
 %D Duration
 %J Date
 %R Rating
 %I File Size

Note: In order for Kodi to display these tags, you must have tagged your music files correctly. Good Programs for tagging your music files are for example Tag&Rename or MediaMonkey which is more preferred for ID3V2 tag rating since Kodi uses it's rating scale when scanning music ratings to it's database.

2 Formatting tags

Template Function
[[I]...[/I]] Italic
[[B]...[/B]] Bold

3 Examples

Raw tag Output
[%N] [[I]%A[/I]] - %B : [[B]%T[/B]] [track nr.] artist - album : title

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