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Add-on:Skin Widgets/RandomItems

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1 RandomItems

1.1 Movies

Available labels
Property: Movies Description
RandomMovie.%d.Title movie title
RandomMovie.%d.Year year of release
RandomMovie.%d.Genre movie genre
RandomMovie.%d.Studio movie studio
RandomMovie.%d.Plot movie plot
RandomMovie.%d.PlotOutline movie plotoutline
RandomMovie.%d.Tagline movie tagline
RandomMovie.%d.Runtime duration of the movie
RandomMovie.%d.Rating movie rating
RandomMovie.%d.Fanart movie fanart
RandomMovie.%d.Thumb movie thumbnail
RandomMovie.%d.Logo movie logo
RandomMovie.%d.Landscape movie landscape
RandomMovie.%d.Banner movie banner
RandomMovie.%d.Disc movie disc
RandomMovie.%d.Path movie filename and path
RandomMovie.%d.Resume movie resume (True/False)
RandomMovie.%d.Played movie percentage played
RandomMovie.%d.File movie path + filename
RandomMovie.%d.Path movie path

1.2 Episodes

Available labels
Property: Episodes Description
RandomEpisode.%d.Title episode title
RandomEpisode.%d.Episode episode number
RandomEpisode.%d.EpisodeNo season/episode (sxxexx)
RandomEpisode.%d.Season season number
RandomEpisode.%d.Plot episode plot
RandomEpisode.%d.TVshowTitle tv show title
RandomEpisode.%d.Rating episode rating
RandomEpisode.%d.Thumb episode thumbnail
RandomEpisode.%d.Fanart tv show fanart
RandomEpisode.%d.Logo tv show logo
RandomEpisode.%d.SeasonThumb season thumbnail
RandomEpisode.%d.TVshowThumb tv show thumbnail
RandomEpisode.%d.Resume indicates if it's a partially watched episode (True/False)
RandomEpisode.%d.Percentage percentage played
RandomEpisode.%d.File episode filename and path
RandomEpisode.%d.Path TV show path

1.3 Albums

Available labels
Property: Albums Description
RandomAlbum.%d.Title name of the album
RandomAlbum.%d.Artist album artist
RandomAlbum.%d.Genre album genre
RandomAlbum.%d.Year year of release
RandomAlbum.%d.RecordLabel recordlabel
RandomAlbum.%d.Description album description
RandomAlbum.%d.Rating rating of the album
RandomAlbum.%d.Thumb album thumbnail
RandomAlbum.%d.Fanart artist fanart
RandomAlbum.%d.Play can be used to play the album

1.4 Artist

Available labels
Property: Artist Description
RandomArtist.%d.Title artist name
RandomArtist.%d.Genre artist genre
RandomArtist.%d.Fanart artist fanart
RandomArtist.%d.Thumb artist thumb
RandomArtist.%d.Description artist description
RandomArtist.%d.LibraryPath open artist library path

1.5 Song

Available labels
Property: Song Description
RandomSong.%d.Title song name
RandomSong.%d.Artist song artist
RandomSong.%d.Year year of release
RandomSong.%d.Rating song rating
RandomSong.%d.Thumb song thumbnail
RandomSong.%d.Fanart song fanart
RandomSong.%d.File File name
Property: General Description

1.6 Play or open

Code example to play album:


Code example to open artist:

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