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Isengard is the code name for the next version of Kodi, v15. These development builds, often called "pre-release" builds, are what will eventually lead to the final v15 version. In contrast to the stable builds (v14 Helix) you don't have to wait for the release in order to benefit from new features or fixes that made it into Kodi.

THESE BUILDS MAY BE LESS STABLE and are only for users that do not fear bugs or occasional crashes. They are mostly used for development. If you want a stable HTPC, this is not the place for you! They do help us in testing for the upcoming releases.


1 Unstable - Nightly builds

Nightly Builds are made on a daily basis and contain the most recent changes. They are also the most unstable of the development builds, until "feature freeze" where only bug fixes are made.

Make sure you always download and run the most recent builds.


Note: If you are using a Windows nightly build please also download the .pdb file with the same version from our mirrors, rename it to Kodi.pdb and place it alongside the Kodi.exe inside the installation folder. Re-download the correct file each time you are installing another nightly build. This helps us to identify possible crashes.

2 Semi-stable - Monthly, Beta, and Release candidate builds

Monthly builds are semi-stable nightly snapshots of the current development version. They are a step between (often) unstable nightly builds and stable release builds, though they can sometimes still be very unstable depending on various factors.
When Kodi gets close to a stable release, public betas will be released. These are similar to nightlies and monthlies in that they still contain bugs, but are more stable and are encouraged to be tried out. At the point where Kodi reaches beta, most known bugs have been fixed, and developers are now looking for bugs they might not know about.
Release candidate
When Kodi beta gets to a point where it seems ready for a final release a "Release Candidate", or "RC", is released to flesh out any final bugs. Depending on any issues found, there may be multiple release candidates.
Final release
After release candidates comes a final stable build that becomes Kodi v15.


3 Other test builds

Keep an eye out here for special tests that developers want users to try out.

3.1 Steam OS repo testing

Test the new XBMC/Kodi repo for easy install on Steam OS:

3.2 DirectX 11 testing

3.3 BluRay java menus

3.4 Media importing and library integration of UPnP

3.5 Windows audio DSP

4 Special notes about development builds

As development builds are bleeding edge code you might find a bug here and there. In order to get rid of this bugs, it's important that these will be reported: HOW-TO:Submit a proper bug report.
Feature requests
If you have a feature that you think should be added to appear in the next stable version of Kodi, you can make a feature request: HOW-TO:Submit an official feature request.

5 Notes

  1. Particularly notable for MySQL compatibility, among other things. See Databases/Version table for more details.

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