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Note: This page describes NFO files for individual episode files. For the over all TV show entry see NFO files/TV shows.

Note: Even with NFO files, TV show video files must still follow the naming conventions for episodes. This is due to how Kodi works, in that it must first match a video file name with the correct pattern, which happens before the NFO file is read.

1 Video .nfo Files containing XML data

1. The *.nfo file is an XML file containing the data for inclusion in the library.

1.1 TV Episodes

The *.nfo must be named exactly as the episode filename (i.e. episodename.avi and episodename.nfo) and in the same folder, allowing multiple episode and *.nfo files within the same folder. Episode names must still follow the naming convention even though you are using a custom NFO file.

For multi-part episodes, simply add multiple <episodedetails> XML blocks in succession.

        <title>My TV Episode</title>
        <plot>he best episode in the world</plot>
        <director>Mr. Vision</director>
        <studio>Production studio or channel</studio>
        <mpaa>MPAA certification</mpaa>
        <epbookmark>200</epbookmark>  <!-- For media files containing multiple episodes,
                                       where value is the time where the next episode begins in seconds  -->
        <displayseason>3</displayseason>  <!-- For TV show specials, determines how the special episode is sorted in "all" and season views.  -->
        <displayepisode>7</displayepisode>  <!-- For TV show specials, determines how the special episode is sorted in "all" and season views. If marked as episode 7, the special will come before the real episode 7.  -->
          <name>Little Suzie</name>
          <role>Pole Jumper/Dancer</role>
          <streamdetails> <!-- While it is possible to manually set the information contained within the "streamdetails" tag,there is little point in doing so, as the software will always overwrite this data when it plays back the video file. In other words, no matter how many times you try to manually set it, it will be undone the moment the video is played.-->

2 Video .nfo files containing a URL

2. The *.nfo file contains a URL of the information page to scrape. The file can include other information (i.e. scene info), Kodi will scan through it and use a relevant URL if a match is found.

The scraper tries to match URL's to all scrapers of the content type a directory is set to. e.g. if you set the content type to movies, all movie scrapers check .nfo files for a matching URL. This means that .nfo files override the scraper setting. I.e. a directory is set to use the IMDB scraper but you have a German movie in it. Simply create an .nfo for that movie with the OFDB link in it and you are sorted!

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