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This is the XBMC Online Manual, (see About this Manual). Its existance is based solely on the contributions of the members of the community, so please feel free to pitch in and make any changes you see fit. Check the Wanted Pages to see what is currently most needed, and make sure that you follow our Editing Standards. If you are unsure if you should put some information in here or not, please feel free to drop by to #xbmc on freenode. As XBMC is updated on a daily basis, there may be functionality documented here that does not yet exist in any available point releases of XBMC and can only be found in the XBMC SVN. If your version seems to be missing a feature, check the full changelog to ensure that the feature is not newer than the build of XBMC that you are currently running.

Please note that anonymous editing and creating of wiki articles has been locked down indefinitely. All users who wish to continue providing a valid contribution to the XBMC Online Manual, please contact a member of Team-XBMC and ask for "Ninja" status on the wiki, (the easiest way to get in touch is via #XBMC on freenode irc network). Thank you for understanding

1 Introduction

2 Setting Up XBMC

3 General Usage

4 Frequently Asked Questions

5 XBMC's Inner Workings

6 Appendixes

7 Legal Stuff

8 Current events

The 'old' WACKO-WIKI manual can be found here you can help us move old articles to this new online manual that still apply.

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