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This page contains information about our mirrors network setup.


1 Download mirrors

To provide these downloads we use a network of mirrors across the globe to provide the best possible location to download from. For actually distributing the downloads and making sure you will download from the best server available we have been using Mirrorbrain, which has been operating since 2010 and so far hasn't failed us yet. This is a great piece of software that constantly checks the status of the mirrors and dishes out files based on certain criteria, in an effort to ensure that downloads work as quickly and reliably as possible. Besides these builds it also hosts all the add-on which you can find in our official XBMC.org repository.

The actual mirror list is generated automatic and can be found at http://mirrors.kodi.tv/list.html We also provide a status report for each server if they are still in sync at http://mirrors.kodi.tv/mirmon.html So we would like to thank all these providers for helping us out on distributing Kodi throughout the world. If you are interested in being added to this list feel free to contact us. Do note that we will only accept offers from large institutions or companies to keep possible problems at a minimum.

Our main mirror address is: http://mirrors.kodi.tv

Current mirrorlist is: http://mirrors.kodi.tv/list.html

2 rsync setup

We have two main rsync mirror which are used by main Tier1 mirror hosts per continent. All other hosts should use those hosts according to their location.

2.1 main

primary Tier1 USA server:

  • Name: gatech.edu
  • Uses: rsync://rsync.xbmc.org/main/
    • sync on half past the hour XX:30
  • address: rsync://rsync.gtlib.gatech.edu/xbmc/
  • Notes:
    • This excludes plugins as a courtesy to hosts to avoid possibly infringing files (to be determined if still needed)
    • all other USA mirrors should sync from this host
    • mirrors should sync at XX:00

2.2 euro

primary Tier1 Europe server:

  • Name: df.lth.se
  • Uses: rsync://rsync.xbmc.org/euro/
    • sync on the hour XX:00
  • address: rsync://ftp.df.lth.se/xbmc/
  • Notes:
    • This his no exclusions
    • all other non-USA mirrors pull from them
    • mirrors should sync at XX:30

primary Tier1 Europe server:

  • Name: heanet.ie
  • Uses: rsync://rsync.xbmc.org/euro/
    • sync on the hour XX:00
  • address: rsync://ftp.heanet.ie/mirrors/xbmc/
  • Notes:
    • This his no exclusions
    • all other non-USA mirrors pull from them
    • mirrors should sync at XX:00

3 Requirements

  • Space needed: ~60GB
  • Mirrors pull at various times, the mirrorbrain database contains notes about these times.
  • Every hour on the hour is preferred where possible. Max is every 24h.
  • If mirrors ever move to a new server, the dns entry for rsync.xbmc.org can be changed and there should theoretically be no interruption. In reality, it makes sense to be sure that no one is pulling by IP or has whitelisted the current IP for our constant mirror status checks.
  • hosts need to provide this information to have proper setup
    • http:// location (manditory)
    • ftp:// location (optional but prefered)
    • rsync:// location (optional but preferred)
    • Network bandwidth
    • Host webpage
    • Admin name (will not be made public)
    • Admin e-mail (will not be made public)
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