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This is normally [[XBMC:Add-on bot|bot generated]] and does not need user creation/editing, but can be manually used for unofficial add-ons.
== Usage ==
| Name =
| provider-name =
| ID =
| latest-version =
| extension point =
| provides =
| Platform =
| broken =
| icon url =
| Summary =
| Description =
===  Manual entry ===
| repo =
| type =
To manually override the icon, upload an image to a filename using the <code>|ID=</code> parameter + <code>.png</code>. For example, an add-on with the ID of <code>plugin.video.iplayer</code> will be uploaded as <code>[[:File:plugin.video.iplayer.png]]</code>. The add-on template automatically checks for  <code>File{{{ID}}}.png</code> and, if found, will always override <code>|icon url=</code>.

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