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The XBMC Online Manual is composed solely of contributions by the members of the XBMC community, and so remains incomplete. This manual may document functionality that appears only in the XBMC SVN, and not yet in point releases. If your version seems to be missing a feature, check the full changelog to see whether the feature is newer than the build of XBMC that you are currently running. Note that as of April 3, 2011, the current build of XBMC is version 10.1 (Dharma).

XBMC always has been and always will be a community effort, and so with its documentation. Created to consolidate vast amounts of information accrued over the years, this manual was created and is updated through the perspiration of many. Feel free to contribute in any way that you can. If something's missing, add it. If something's jacked up, fix it.

We have disabled anonymous editing and creating of wiki articles because of vandalism. Please register to edit existing pages, then follow our editing and formatting standards, as described in the wiki help section. Editors may want to keep an eye on the Recent Changes and Newest Pages articles. Check the Wanted Pages to see what is most needed. If you are unsure whether you should put some information in here, feel free to drop by #xbmc on freenode Five Fingers.

This manual was written using the default skin, Confluence, and uses the default keymapping for consistency.

Questions, comments, insults? See the Management.

The following table of contents is duplicated on the right side of each page.

1 Introduction

2 Setting Up XBMC

3 General Usage

4 Frequently Asked Questions

5 XBMC's Inner Workings

6 Appendices

7 Current events

Actively ongoing sub-projects. Note that the information in these articles may change rapidly as the events progresses.

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