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The group list control is a special case of the group control. It is used for placing a set of controls into a list (either horizontally or vertically) and handles all the navigation within the list and placement within the list for you. It will be scrollable if the number of items exceeds the size of the list, and you can assign a scrollbar to it just like you can to any of the containers (list, panel, etc.).

1 Example

<xml> <control type="grouplist" id="17">

     <description>My first group list control</description>
     ... more controls go here ...

</control> </xml>

2 Available Tags

In addition to the Default Control Tags the following tags are available. Note that each tag is lower case only. This is important, as xml tags are case-sensitive.

itemgap Specifies the gap (in pixels) between controls in the list.
orientation Specifies whether the list is horizontal or vertical. Defaults to vertical.
pagecontrol Specifies the page control used to scroll up and down the list. Set the page control's id here.
scrolltime The time (in ms) to scroll from one item to another. By default, this is 200ms. The list will scroll smoothly from one item to another as needed. Set it to zero to disable the smooth scrolling.
usecontrolcoords Specifies whether the list should use the control's coordinates as an offset location from the coordinates it would normally use to draw the control. Defaults to false. Useful for staggering a control in from the edge of the grouplist, or for having more space around a control than <itemgap> gives.
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