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Stop hand.png MariaDB 10.1.11 users might want to avoid upgrading to Kodi v16 until they have updated MairaDB to 10.1.12.

Share libraries w/MySQL, guide:

  1. Introduction
  2. Setting up MySQL
  3. Setting up Kodi
For simple library sharing see: HOW-TO:Share libraries using UPnP

If you have more than one Kodi device on your local network then you might want to synchronize them using a MySQL library. Using a MySQL library allows you to store information about your whole video library in a central database, so that multiple devices can access the same information at the same time.

This gives you the ability to do things like:

  • Share watched and unwatched status for your media on all devices
  • Stop watching a movie or TV show in one room then finish watching it in another room automatically
  • Only one library to maintain for all devices
Next step: Setting up MySQL
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