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Attention talk.png See the [SiO2 Forum thread at] for more information.
Attention talk.png See the [SiO2 Forum thread at] for more information.


Author: fastcolors

Type: Skin
Version: 1.2.1

Summary: A simple and handy Skin based on AppleTv
Home icon grey.png   ▶ Add-ons ▶ SiO2

If you like Apple "everything at hand" policy for interfaces, You might want to give this Skin a try. I designed it trying to put as few clicks as possible between You and what You're trying to do (or watch ;)


1 Features

  • Easy to navigate graphical HomeScreen
  • OnShelf navigation of Recently Added Movies or Recommended (started) Movies
  • OnShelf navigation of Recently Added Episodes or Recommended (next episode or started episode) Episodes
  • Abilty to have first OnShelf item reversed (most recent item in recommended view and viceversa)
  • Customizable Icons on HomeScreen can Include Addons - Scripts - Favourites
  • Addons shortucts OnShelf for Music - Addons - Pictures
  • OnShelf Weather Forecast + Temperature always updated on Weather Icon
  • FullScreen Weather Icons in dedicated page

2 Videos

Videos Courtesy of umOuch @

3 F.A.Q.

Is This Skin Eden Compatible? No.

4 Changelog


  • Shelf Bug Fix


  • Added Option to lock Skin Specific Settings from being accessed from home. If combined with MasterLock on Settings avoids changing anything without a password
  • Added Log Off option in quit menu from home.
  • Favourites on Home now before Addons & Scripts.
  • RSS Client now optional
  • Added Localizations for:

Italian (fastcolors) French (Lucanoid) Russian (

  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Added Support for PseudoTV
  • New FullScreen Infos OSD


  • Bigger & Bolder Keyboard font
  • Fixed Icon for Shelf Items
  • New Play method for onShelf Episodes works with .strm files too
  • Removed 6 variables to improve Performance
  • HomePageCustomizer now shows Title for Addons & scripts onshelf instead of ID
  • Weather Setting Page now reachable from Home Page Customzer


  • Added the possibility of having 6 Favourites Shortcuts on Home with custom Icons.
  • New Home Navigation method for bottom rows. More AppleTV like.
  • Fixed Wathclist for Episodes Plot overlapping icons.


  • Added Option for Custom Icon on Shelf replacing SiO2's
  • Fixed Icons not displaying on 6th addon in Homescreen.
  • Fixed 4th Music Favourite.
  • Minor adjustments & bug fixes.
  • Removed Dependency from RSS.editor


  • SiO2 Dresses in Black to mourn the Victims of Connecticut School Shooting


  • Fixed Progress bar sor scanning library
  • Fixed Play Property for TV shows recently added


  • Added Help for fusion installer.


  • Label Fixing - Less Custom More Core
  • Added Genres & songs as possibilities for Music Icon Shortcut
  • Added choice to go directely into Skin Specific Settings
  • Removed LOVE-BAN since is not supported by xbmc anymore.
  • Fixes here & there. Fixed Covers not showing up in OSX.


  • Minor graphic changes
  • New method for Home Icons now split into three layers
  • Added infinite "back to other end" scrolling for home left - right
  • Colorized Menu is now default (must change it in settings if you had the skin previously and had colorized on, now the setting is inverted)
  • Fixed few viewlists bugs


  • New Home Shelf Look
  • Upped to 6 items per row home menu
  • Added the possibility to have addons as Icons on Home Screen


  • Added options for VideoAddons where if You hide both Movies & TvShows a new Icon will made its way to have more addons on Shelf.


  • Fixed Broken status. Bumped GUI to 4.0.0


  • Bug Fixes
  • Added support "inskin" for Navi X


  • Release.
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