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This page describes how to install Kodi, either from an app "store" such as Google Play, or manually from an APK file.


1 Installing Kodi from an app store

1.1 Google Play

Kodi is now available on Google Play:

Google Play download big.png

Google Play will automatically select which version (ARM or x86) of Kodi you need, and will also automatically handle updates (unless you change your Google Play preferences).

Future Isengard feature: Initially, Kodi v15 Beta/Release Candidates are being posted on Google Play. Once the final "stable" version of v15 is released, then Google Play will only update for stable releases, like v15.0, v15.1, v16.0, etc. This is because current v15 "unstable" builds are actually a little more stable than v14.2 for Android users, due to the various Android-specific changes and fixes.

2 Manual installation

2.1 Enabling installation

Here's how to install Kodi from an .APK file. This is commonly known as "sideloading".

2.2 Download

Download Kodi for Android from our servers. Official stable builds can be found here: You need to either select the ARM or x86 version depending on your hardware.

2.3 Install

Installing the Kodi app package is as simple as just finding the .apk you just downloaded and opening it up. You can do this either though the download menu in the web browser or selecting it with a file explorer.

If you are new to Kodi you might wish to check out this section of the wiki: First time user.

2.4 Tidy up

After Kodi has installed you can delete the downloaded Kodi APK file to save some disk space.

2.5 Update

Emblem-important-yellow.png NOTICE:
See Migration from XBMC to Kodi for special notes about going from an older XBMC version to Kodi.

To update Kodi for Android simply follow the normal install steps with the newer version. All your settings and files will be preserved as they are located in a different place in the userdata folder. Be sure to make a backup of the userdata folder when doing updates in case something goes wrong.

Note: Since Kodi for Android is signed with our own signatures you will be able to install all succeeding versions without a problem. If you are using a non-official version not signed by us you may be required to un-install Kodi and you will loose all your settings due to this. Be warned before trying.

2.6 Uninstall

To un-install Kodi just go to your Android settings menu and select "apps". From there you will be able to un-install Kodi like any other Android app.

Note: Unlike other OSes, uninstalling Kodi on Android will also erase your userdata folder and all of your settings.

2.7 See also

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