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Main page for XBMC Wiki help. This is for help with editing the XBMC Wiki. For help with XBMC Media Center, please see XBMC Online Manual.

1 Where we need help

everywhere, but here's an easy list:

2 Tools

  • Category:Templates formatting and message templates that you can use on pages for various things.
  • Go to the top of any page and click on "My preferences -> Gadgets" and check out some of the additional editing tools there, especially the wikEd option

3 Types of pages

  • General topics (main namespace)- Anything that is a general overview of a topic. This can be main manual pages, a page for a remote control, a page for a specific hardware part, a supplemental tool/program, or just about anything XBMC related.
  • XBMC Manual- Core XBMC manual/help pages. Can be in several namespaces. See Category:XBMC Manual
  • FAQs- Question/common topic and answers. See Category:FAQ and Template:FAQ
  • HOW-TO:- How-to's some manual pages will simply be both general pages and a how-to page, or be paired with a how-to page. Pages in the HOW-TO: namespace should be just just for step-by-step how to's. For how-to's within a general topic page, just use the main namespace. Some how-to's are apart of the main manual, and others are more specific. We welcome any how-to's that people feel would be useful. See Category:How-to.
  • Add-ons:- Add-ons, skins, etc. Great for Add-on developers and users alike. See Category:All add-ons. Examples of good add-on pages include: Add-on:YouTube, Add-on:BlipTV, Add-on:iPlayer, Add-on:PleXBMC, Add-on:Common plugin cache. Subpages (if needed) can be made with a slash (/) in the name.
  • Development- Pages for developers or really advanced topics. Includes Skin and Add-on development. Can be in several namespaces. See Category:Development
  • User:- Username space for user pages. All editors get their own User page and can make additional subpages by adding a slash (/). Great for putting down notes on what you are working on for the XBMC Wiki, or you can even use your userpage to document your own XBMC set ups.
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