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While following HOW-TO:Configure controllers, you may notice that some buttons are skipped. This page lists possible causes and solutions.


1 Symptoms

An example is when you're mapping a PS4 controller:

Other examples include skipping immediately after the prompt is started, or skipping when the controller is moved.

2 Causes

You're holding it wrong.

3 Real causes

The real cause is usually a bug in the driver. Joystick drivers sucks. If the driver sucks hard enough, it will send erratic input and cause buttons to be skipped.

Fortunately, Kodi has a utility to detect this erratic input.

4 Solution

When you confirm the dialog, all the listed buttons and axes will be ignored. To reset this, select Reset.

5 Other solutions

  • Try moving the trigger or analog stick slower (especially on OSX!)
  • If your controller has an accelerometer, try placing it flat on a table
  • If skipping continues to occur, please ask for help in the forum

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