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XBMC releases are brought to a stable point where most users should not have issues. However, due to XBMC's large, complex, and multi-platform nature, it is nearly impossible to release a totally bug-free version. As such, these are known issues that are present in XBMC v12.0 "Frodo". This is not an exhaustive list of bugs/issues, but a simple summary of confirmed issues that average users might be commonly facing. The purpose of this page is to let users know that Team XBMC is aware of these issues and (in most cases) is working on fixing them.

For a more complete list of possible bugs/issues see the XBMC Trac bug tracker. For reporting bugs see HOW-TO:Submit a bug report.


1 General

  • The current AFP client in XBMC is still the not-so-stable one from Eden. A replacement won't be ready for Frodo, but is planned. [1] [2] [3] [4]
  • A minor cosmetic flaw, when a single TV show is created from more than one source path (like some seasons on hard drive A, other seasons on hard drive B) certain counts in the GUI (i.e., number of episodes) can be off. [5]
  • Dolby Digital Plus support seems to have issues. Dolby Digital and Dolby True HD are unaffected. [6]
  • Videos encoded with VC-1 and that are interlaced will not currently playback correctly in XBMC when software decoding is used.
  • Video played in the pictures slide show won't work [7]
  • XBMC might eat your babies and hold kittens as hostages.
Non-XBMC issues
  • AirPlay Mirroring is not supported

2 Android

  • Initial Android support is targeted at inexpensive Android powered set-top boxes. As such, support for mobile devices is still being developed, but will improve with time.
  • No hardware video decoding for most devices, which means no HD playback support unless there is a fast CPU. This is something that is under active development and will eventually be improved for a number of devices. See Android FAQ for more info.
  • No zeroconf/bonjour/service discovery support
  • AirPlay doesn't work due to the lack of zeroconf/bonjour support
  • SFTP sources aren't working [8]
  • Volume needs to be set high on the Android device before entering XBMC, as XBMC will not exceed this set volume level
  • Various specific phone/tablet features have not been looked at in depth, such as video out cables, hardware button support, etc. Reports are mixed about if such features are working or not. Expect this to improve with time, but may be an issue for the v12.0 release.
Non-XBMC issues
  • Not really a bug, but at the time of release there are no small screen skins (3-5 inches).

3 Linux general

Non-XBMC issues
  • Not actually an issue with XBMC: AMD GPUs do not support HD-audio passthrough under Linux
  • Not actually an issue with XBMC: XBMCBuntu lightdm causes no audio devices detected in XBMC thread about issue & workaround here added to upgrade FAQ.
  • Not actually an issue with XBMC: Some Intel GPU's have a problem with rc6 and locks up the whole boot process. Workaround here Thanks to wsnipex for posting solution.
  • This is a AMD and XBMCbuntu limitation, because it is based on 12.10 (Should been based on 12.04LTS for sanity sake) all ATI users with a GPU up to ATI HD5xxx will have a failed install because 12.10 does not carry compatible fglrx a workaround is on this thread. AMD screwing their users again with the decisions they made to separate GPU support on drivers.

4 Mac OS X/iOS

  • Gapless playback for music isn't working.
  • AAC to AC3 transcoding is broken for the time being, which means no multichannel support for AAC.
  • All sorts of hickups during music track transitions (gets worse with activated crossfade).
  • Music output lacks "audiophile" support (output is resampled to the setting from audio midi setup for all tracks)
Non-XBMC issues
  • Not actually an issue with XBMC: Apple does not provide support for HD-audio passthrough in their audio API, CoreAudio.

4.1 Mac specific

  • No retina support yet
  • Some tools/applications which adjust screen brightness may lead to low framerates (5fps framerate limiting) in XBMC. The most common ones should be exempt from this and not cause any issue, but there may be others. Please report any tools/applications that still have this issue to the XBMC support forums so that we can add them to the exempt list. (basically all tools which use a transparent fullscreen overlay)
  • Certain Macs using Intel GPUs seem to show a green line when using hardware decoding (VDA). A fix was found, but that fix caused some other issues, so the lesser evil was chosen (green line). Developers are still working on this issue. In most cases the Mac in question can run just fine without the hardware (VDA) decoder, as they have more than enough CPU power. It won't hurt anything. At most it might just kick up your CPU fans more, depending on how demanding the video is. You can turn off hardware video decoding by going into Settings -> Videos -> Playback and deselecting the VDA option.
  • Some Macs running 10.8.2 that have audio output not set as 2.0 speaker output seem to have stuttering issues either at 46 minutes into a movie or 1 hour and 2 minutes into a movie. The current work around that seems to be working for some users is to get audio output to use 2.0, even if you have a multi-channel system. You will still get multi-channel output if you use any of the bypass options (the ones that say "... X capable receiver") with a compatible audio receiver. A fix for this is in the works. See this thread for more information and test builds that might fix the issue.

4.2 iOS specific

  • No retina support for iPads yet (Retina iPhones/iPod touches do work)
  • ATV2 - Crash on startup when plexapp is installed (seems plexapp does something bad on their frappliance init)
  • uppercased special characters with accents are shown as lowercase (when uppercase tag is used in the skin) (See here for a possible temp workaround).

5 Raspberry Pi

  • DVD ISO playback is not expected to work well (experimental support with the hardware decoder).
  • Fast forward/rewind do not work yet, but "stepping" back/forward does work. In other words, the FF/RW buttons don't work on the On Screen Display, but you can go back and forward using left/right arrows (or whatever you map to stepping back/forward).
  • Navigation sounds (clicks and such when you move around in the GUI) are not supported. Sound from music and videos are unaffected by this.
  • Playback of music from a USB CD drive probably doesn't work.

6 Windows

  • AirPlay videos rotation is off if using hardware decoding [9]
  • Windows screensaver and power saving mode kicks in when XBMC is not focused (independent of whether XBMC is playing a video or not)
  • No or little touch screen support in Windows 8. XBMC devs lack a device to test/troubleshoot on.

7 Notes

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