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Apple TV 1

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Stop hand.svg Starting in XBMC/Kodi v14, support for the BCHD is being dropped from the software. OSMC might have a fork that contains support, but this would be from the OSMC project and not officially supported. This is due to the lack of a maintainer for the driver software. If new maintainer(s) arise to the occasion, support might be added back in officially, but no guarantees. Of course, BCHD will continue to work on XBMC v13.

Apple TV 1
Apple TV 1-front.jpg
First generation Apple TV (silver)
Manufacturer Apple Inc.
XBMC Original OS: v9, v10, v11
Linux: v9, v10, v11, v12, v13
Released January 9, 2007
Discontinued 2010
OS Original OS: 3.0.2 (custom Mac OS 10.4)
Linux: OpenELEC, Crystalbuntu
CPU Intel Pentium M
Storage 40 or 160 HDD (2.5" PATA)
RAM 256 MB
Display Original OS: 720i/P
Linux: 1080i/P
Connectivity Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n), 10/100 ethernet, USB 2, HDMI, component video, analog audio, optical audio, infrared (IR)
This is the page for the original Apple TV 1 (silver). For the Apple TV 2 (black) see: Apple TV (iOS)

The original silver Apple TV is a low-powered x86 Intel computer. Originally, XBMC was installable on the original ATV OS (modified OS X), but now requires a installation of a Linux-based OS to unlock the full potential of the unit. When also combined with the Broadcom Crystal HD card, the older ATV 1 is actually more powerful than the newer ATV 2 and 3, which are based on ARM processors. ATV 1 + XBMC + BCHD can decode virtually any video and output a true 1080P signal, and is far more powerful than a non-modified ATV.


1 Availability

Apple TV 1 (silver) is no longer available from Apple, but can be purchased from alternative sources (eBay, kijiji, craigslist, etc.). If a unit is found in good condition, it makes for an excellent XBMC HTPC. If found for a good price (common as people are updating to the newer ATV2/3), such as $80-ish USD, it's also an excellent deal.

2 Installing XBMC

3 HD video decoding

It is highly recommended that you replace the WiFi card with a Broadcom Crystal HD to enable playback of HD videos. WiFi can be replaced using a USB dongle.

Broadcom Crystal HD refers to PCI Express mini cards that do high definition hardware decoding for many video codecs. The cards allow many low-powered systems to handle full bluray quality video, and more. There are two versions, the BCM970012- a full height mini PCIe card, and the BCM970015- a half height card (can be adapted to full height) mini PCIe card. XBMC supports hardware video decoding on both cards on all desktop OS versions including: Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows.

4 Frequently Asked Questions

See: Apple TV 1/FAQ

5 Remote

Apple remote.jpg

6 Hard drive

Apple TV 1 uses a 2.5 inch PATA hard drive that is easily upgradable. It can also be removed completely, having the ATV1 boot directly from a USB drive, in order to make system even more silent (drive isn't loud, but YMMV).

7 Random notes

Feel free to place various notes, tips, and links here. As this section of the wiki gets more organized, those notes will be properly sorted. Consider this like a dumping ground for when you're not sure where to put something.

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