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1 Android remotes

Official XBMC Remote for Android.png

The Official XBMC Remote for Android by Team-XBMC is available on the Android Market. It lets you browse your XBMC library to select items to play and provides transport controls as a touch screen remote.

Several unofficial Android XBMC remotes are also available:

Additionally, on the Windows platform, if you are willing to run a background program on your XBMC, there are several products on the Android market that act as a PC remote.

  • Unified Remote Full by Unified Intents has a built-in remote profile for XBMC in the paid version or generic PC control in the free version.
  • EventGhost is a powerful system for Windows PC automation and has two matching Android applications (terRemote and EventGhost). It has the added ability for EventGhost running on your PC to send events back to your Android devices enabling apps to open or other triggered events. EventGhost on the PC also has a full XBMC plugin to trigger events in XBMC based on incoming events from your Android device or other hardware remote.
  • WIN - Remote by Banamalon is a PC remote that works with the server application downloaded from

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