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XBMC Flicks - Netflix for XBMC
Author: TeamUMX

Type: Video
Version: Currently in Flux
  • From Official Xbmc Repository
  1. Dharma version 1.0.18 (outdated)
  • From Official Code Repository
  1. Dharma version 1.0.22(e9bd246765)
  2. Eden version 1.0.23(a6442635eb)

Summary: XBMC Flicks
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Netflix for XBMC.. NOTE: This plugin will create the playercorefactory.xml and advanced settings.xml, if you already have an external player configured, you will need to modify it to add in IE as a player. Examples of those files are in the resources folder.


1 F.A.Q.

1.1 Who wrote XBMCFlicks?

XBMCFlicks is written by Fekker of TeamUMX.

1.2 Where can I find more info about the add-on?

Official Thread:

Code Repository:

1.3 Who wrote this FAQ

The contents of this FAQ have been created/updated by bengalih on 4/26/12.

1.4 Why is this FAQ necessary?

The status of the XBMCFlicks plugin has been in flux and since the release of Eden (XBMC 11). The developer Fekker has been inactive on the forums since January 2012 and there have been a lot of redundant questions and much confusion about XBMCFlicks.

1.5 Why can't I find XBMCFlicks in the official XBMC 11 (Eden) Repository?

The XBMCFlicks add-on has not officially been added to the Eden repository. The developer, as per his last communication, still had several changes he wanted to commit before turning on the official repo flag to include this.

1.6 How can I install XBMCFlicks if it is not in the repository?

Currently you can install the add-on manually. You will need to download the latest version from Fekker. The information is provided at the following link:

You will need to unzip that file to your add-on directory and restart XBMC and the add-on should be available for you.

1.7 Does this add-on work outside the US?

The plugin was only ever officially supported for US accounts. Some people were able to make modifications for Canadian accounts ( At this time support for anything other than US/Canadian accounts does not exist and you should expect it not to work.

Acccording to the Terms of Service for the Netflix API:

Section 1.11 The Netflix API is made available only for the creation of Applications available to end users in the United States and you may not create or develop an Application that would enable access to the Content outside of the United States.

1.8 How do I configure/setup/use the add-on?

Please refer to the Official Thread (referenced above) for basic setup and usage instructions.

1.9 I am having problems with Netflix getting my authentication info on Eden. What can I try?

Refer to the following post:

1.10 I am having issues with various display issues of Netflix Titles, especially in my Recently Watched. What gives?

There are some known issues with parsing out Netflix data in some areas of the add-on. It seems to mostly affect the watched queue (recently watched) and also when looking at more detailed video info. There have been some attempt to fix some of the problems, you can look at the following thread for a mod:

1.11 Can I make the videos go full-screen automatically? What about using a remote to control XBMCFlicks?

XBMCFlicks uses the official Netflix API to browse the Netflix database online. It parses out this information and displays it within XBMC. When a video is played however, XBMCFlicks turns things over to a web browser. Because of this, there is nothing that XBMC or XBMCFlicks can do directly to control what happens inside the browser. This is further complicated by the fact that Netflix uses a Silverlight plugin that does not expose any sort of remote function, or even provide keyboard shortcuts for the majority of tasks. There have been several attempts to automate playback and provide remote control functionality. XBMCFlix-o-mate is the most current and can be found here:

1.12 Why is this all so difficult? Why can't XBMC simply code a native Netflix player that includes remote control

Short answer is Digital Rights Management (DRM), Design Philosophy, Time, and Money (probably in that order). Long answers can be found:


(be sure to read the follow-up posts as well).

1.13 I am having other problems using the add-on. What can I do?

After reading this Wiki and the referenced threads you should search the official thread (listed above). If your question/problem is still unanswered you should post in the thread for support.

1.14 I have questions that aren't in this FAQ. How can I get answers?

Please see the previous answer. The FAQ will be updated appropriately when questions are asked in the forum thread.

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